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SEL Selwyns
AC Als Coaches Ltd


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Wallasey Village, Perrin Road-08:15
Breck Road, School Lane-08:16
Wallasey Road, Loretto Road-08:17
Wallasey Road, Belvidere Road-08:19
Wallasey Road, Conway Street08:0608:19
Manor Road, Queen Street08:0708:21
Manor Road, Withens Lane08:0808:21
Manor Road, Penkett Road08:0908:22
Seabank Road, Manor Road08:0908:23
King Street, St Brides Road08:1108:24
King Street, Rice Lane08:1208:25
Liscard Road, Parkside08:1308:26
Liscard Road, Littledale Road08:1408:27
Mainwaring Road, Poulton Road08:1408:28
Poulton Road, Wheatland Lane08:1508:28
Poulton Road, Karslake Road08:1608:29
Poulton Road, Eastcroft Road08:1808:30
Poulton Road, Ilford Avenue08:1908:30
Poulton Road, Mostyn Street08:2108:32
Poulton Road, Poulton Hall Road08:2308:32
Breck Road, Hillcrest Court08:2408:33
Breck Road, Fox Hey Road08:2708:35
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