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SEL Selwyns


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Woodchurch Road, Cambridge Road07:38
Woodchurch Road, Osmaston Road07:38
Woodchurch Road, Dovedale Close07:38
Woodchurch Road, Grainger Avenue07:39
Woodchurch Road, Ennerdale Road07:40
Woodchurch Road, Palmwood Close07:40
Woodchurch Road, Ackers Road07:42
Woodchurch Road, Arrowe Park Road07:43
Arrowe Park Road, Arrowe Park Hospital07:43
Arrowe Park Road, Pool Lane07:44
Arrowe Park Road, Arrowe Brook Road07:44
Arrowe Park Road, Leeswood Road07:44
Arrowe Park Road, Greystoke Close07:45
Arrowe Park Road, Newton Way07:46
Moreton Road, Upland Road07:46
Moreton Road, Warwick Road07:47
Moreton Road, M53 Motorway07:47
Breck Road, Hillcrest Court07:58
Breck Road, Fox Hey Road07:59
Breck Road, Buckingham Road08:00
Wallasey Road, Loretto Road08:01
Wallasey Road, Belvidere Road08:03
Wallasey Road, Conway Street08:04
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