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HUY Huyton Travel


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Huyton Bus Station/Stand 206:4507:1507:48
Lathom Road, Police Station06:4507:1507:48
Archway Road, Huyton Town Centre06:4607:1607:49
Archway Road, Poplar Bank06:4607:1707:50
Tarbock Road, Blacklow Brow06:4707:1807:51
Tarbock Road, The Rooley06:4807:1807:51
Tarbock Road, The Park06:4807:1907:52
Tarbock Road, Beech Road06:4907:1907:52
Tarbock Road, Holmfield Grove06:4907:2007:53
Meadow Drive, Oakfield Drive06:5007:2107:54
Manor Farm Road, Dryden Grove06:5107:2207:55
Manor Farm Road, Wilson Road06:5107:2207:55
Wilson Road, Huyton Trade Centre06:5107:2207:55
Wilson Road, Link Road06:5207:2307:56
Stretton Way, Wilson Road06:5507:2607:59
Wilson Road, Link Road06:5707:2808:01
Wilson Road, Huyton Trade Centre06:5707:2808:01
Wilson Road, St Johns Road06:5807:2908:02
Hall Lane, School Lane06:5807:2908:02
Hall Lane, Poplar Way06:5907:3008:03
Wood Lane, The Crescent06:5907:3008:03
Wood Lane, Whiston Lane07:0007:3108:04
Pottery Lane, Pottery Close07:0107:3208:05
Greenes Road, Montgomery Close07:0207:3308:06
Windy Arbor Road, Dragon Lane07:0207:3308:06
Lickers Lane, Windy Arbor Road07:0207:3308:06
Lickers Lane, Croftwood Grove07:0407:3508:08
Foxs Bank Lane, Driveway07:0407:3508:08
Cumber Lane, Haslemere07:0507:3608:09
Cumber Lane, Milton Avenue07:0607:3708:10
Stoney Lane, Cumber Lane07:0707:3808:11
Dragon Lane, Stoney Lane07:0707:3808:11
Dragon Lane, Oak Road07:0707:3908:12
Dragon Drive, Dragon Lane07:0807:4008:13
Cross Lane, Dragon Lane07:0807:4008:13
Cross Lane, Old Colliery Road07:0807:4008:13
Cross Lane, Saunders Avenue07:0907:4108:14
Saunders Avenue, Cross Lane07:0907:4108:14
Saunders Avenue, Molyneux Drive07:0907:4208:15
Fazakerley Road, Kingsway07:1007:4308:16
Kingsway, Prescot Station07:1007:4308:16
Bridge Road, Prescot Station07:1107:4408:17
Warrington Road, Kelly Street07:1207:4508:18
Warrington Road, Houghton Street07:1207:4508:18
High Street, Church Street07:1307:4608:19
Prescot Bus Station/Stand B07:1407:4708:20
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