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HIL Hilton's Travel


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Water Street07:15
Queens Drive07:15
The Avenue07:16
The Parchments07:17
Rob Lane07:18
Southworth Road, Newton-le-Willows Station07:21
Waterworks Drive07:24
Parkside Road07:27
Newton Road/Sandup Farm07:27
Newton Road/Travellers Rest07:28
Newton Road07:28
Newton Road/The Old Bakery07:29
Newton Road/Heath Lane07:29
Newton Road/Lane Head07:30
St Helens Road/Jean Avenue07:35
St Helens Road/Pennington Park07:35
St Helens Road/Mill Bridge07:37
St Helens Road/Pennington House07:38
Twist Lane/Aldi07:40
Twist Lane/Leigh Miners Club07:40
St Helens Road/Pennington Flash07:46
St Helens Road/Moss Industrial Estate07:46
St Helens Road/Shepherds Inn07:47
Newton Road/Sandy Lane07:48
Newton Road/Village Club07:49
Newton Road/Old Newton Road07:49
Newton Road/Hesketh Meadow Lane07:50
Newton Road/Lowton Labour Club07:52
Newton Road/Norwood Avenue07:53
Newton Road/Lane Head07:55
Kenyon Lane/Johnson's Farm07:56
Kenyon Lane Hail & Ride07:58
Main Lane Hail & Ride07:59
The Plough Hail & Ride08:01
Heath Lane Hail & Ride08:02
General Elliott Hail & Ride08:03
The Horseshoe08:05
Smithy Lane08:06
Pasture Drive08:07
Eaves Brow Road08:08
Lady Lane08:10
Brook House Farm08:13
Mustard Lane08:14
Lady Lane08:14
Water Works08:16
Glaziers Lane08:18
Linear Park08:20
Hob Hey Lane08:20
The Cherry Tree08:22
CPS Centre08:23
Culcheth Hall Drive08:24
High School08:27