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Bickerstaffe Street, Bickerstaffe Street17:10
Corporation Street, St Helens Central Station17:11
Corporation Street, Phoenix Brow17:12
Parr Street, Traverse Street17:13
Park Road, Pocket Nook Street17:14
Park Road, Merton Bank Road17:14
Park Road, Mulcrow Close17:16
Park Road, Blackbrook Road17:17
Blackbrook Road, Link Avenue17:19
Blackbrook Road, Chain Lane17:19
Blackbrook Road, O' Sullivan Crescent17:20
West End Road, Waine Street17:22
West End Road, Old Whint Road17:24
West End Road, Sumner Street17:24
Clipsley Lane, West End Road17:25
Clipsley Lane, Grosvenor Road17:26
Clipsley Lane, Squires Close17:26
Clipsley Lane, O'Connell Close17:27
Clipsley Lane, Stanton Close17:27
Clipsley Lane, Grange Valley17:28
Church Road, Halton Street17:29
Church Road, North Street17:30
Piele Road, Birch Road17:30
Piele Road, Bluebell Avenue17:31
Millfield Lane, Piele Road17:32
Millfield Lane, Andover Road17:32
North Florida Road, Bahama Road17:35
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