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Bickerstaffe Street, Bickerstaffe Street18:3820:3822:38
Corporation Street, St Helens Central Station18:3920:3922:39
Corporation Street, Phoenix Brow18:3920:3922:39
Jackson Street, Sorogold Street18:4120:4122:41
Jackson Street, Langtree Street18:4120:4122:41
Jackson Street, Manor Street18:4220:4222:42
Sutton Road, Beaufort Street18:4320:4322:43
Marshalls Cross Road, Manville Street18:4420:4422:44
Marshalls Cross Road, St Helens Hospital18:4520:4522:45
Marshalls Cross Road, Robins Lane18:4620:4622:46
Marshalls Cross Road, Eaves Lane18:4720:4722:47
Marshall Cross Road, Lea Green Station18:4820:4822:48
Clockface Road, Mill Lane18:4920:4922:49
Clockface Road, No. 7118:4920:4922:49
Clockface Road, Four Acre Lane18:5020:5022:50
Clockface Road, Leach Lane18:5120:5122:51
Tunstalls Way18:5120:5122:51
Clockface Road, Field Road18:5120:5122:51
Clock Face Road, Gorsey Lane18:5220:5222:52
Clock Face Road, Sweet Briar - Court18:5220:5222:52
Clockface Road, Joy Lane18:5220:5222:52
Clock Face Road, Finger House Lane18:5320:5322:53
Clockface Road, No. 54218:5420:5422:54
Warrington Road, Mill Lane18:5620:5622:56
Warrington Road, Twyfords Lane18:5720:5722:57
Warrington Road, Norlands Lane19:0021:0023:00
Warrington Road, School Lane19:0121:0123:01
Warrington Road, Coylton Avenue19:0121:0123:01
Warrington Road, Lawton Road19:0221:0223:02
Warrington Road, St James Road19:0321:0323:03
Warrington Road, Rainhill Rail Station19:0321:0323:03
Station Road, Rainhill Rail Station19:0621:0623:06
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