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AIN Aintree Coachline


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Arrowe Park Road, Landican Cemetery08:10
Thingwall Road East, Barnston Road08:11
Thingwall Road East, Heywood Boulevard08:11
Thingwall Road, Whaley Lane08:12
Irby Road, Woodlands Road08:14
Irby Road, Thingwall Road08:14
Thingwall Road, Mill Hill Road08:15
Thingwall Road, Coombe Road08:15
Thingwall Road, Glenwood Drive08:15
Irby Road, Somerset Road08:17
Irby Road, Fishers Lane08:17
Irby Road, Kylemore Drive08:18
Irby Road, Pensall Drive08:18
Irby Road, Richmond Way08:18
Pensby Road, Whitfield Lane08:19
Pensby Road, Daryl Road08:19
Heswall Bus Station/Stop B 08:20
Telegraph Road, Beacon Lane08:21
Telegraph Road, Telegraph Road08:22
Telegraph Road, Boundary Lane08:22
Chester Road, Barnston Road08:25
Chester Road, Gayton Lane08:25
Chester Road, Queensway08:25
Chester Road, Boathouse Lane08:25
Chester High Road, Parkgate Lane08:27
Chester High Road, Five Lane Ends08:28
Raby Park Road, Cemetery08:30
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