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ARR Arriva Merseyside


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Baldwin Street, Baldwin Street19:3320:3321:3322:3323:38
Duke Street, Rigby Street19:3320:3321:3322:3323:38
Denton Green Lane, Spray Street19:3520:3521:3522:3523:40
Dentons Green Lane, Harris Street19:3620:3621:3622:3623:41
Dentons Green Lane, Ruskin Drive19:3720:3721:3722:3723:42
Dentons Green Lane, Swinburne Road19:3720:3721:3722:3723:43
Kiln Lane, Fairfield Road19:3920:3921:3922:3923:44
Kiln Lane, Beaconsfield Road19:3920:3921:3922:3923:45
Kiln Lane, Kiln Close19:4020:4021:4022:4023:46
Kiln Lane, Millbrook Lane19:4120:4121:4122:4123:46
Bleak Hill Road, Calderhurst Drive19:4220:4221:4222:4223:48
Bleak Hill Road, Crantock Grove19:4320:4321:4322:4323:49
Rainford Road, East Lancashire Road19:4420:4421:4422:4423:50
Crank Road, Rainford Road19:4420:4421:4422:4423:50
Crank Road, Potters Farm19:4520:4521:4522:4523:51
Crank Road, Ellison Cottages19:4520:4521:4522:4523:51
Sandy Lane19:4520:4521:4522:4523:51
Crank Road, No. 8519:4620:4621:4622:4623:52
Crank Road, Farifield Hospital19:4720:4721:4722:4723:52
Crank Road, No. 4 Crank Road19:4720:4721:4722:4723:52
Crank Hill, Highfield Drive19:4820:4821:4822:4823:53
Crank Hill, Higher Lane19:4820:4821:4822:4823:53
Higher Lane, Mill Lane19:4920:4921:4922:4923:54
Higher Lane, Mill House Farm19:5020:5021:5022:5023:55
Higher Lane, Dial House Wood19:5120:5121:5122:5123:55
Rookery Lane, Rookery Drive19:5120:5121:5122:5123:56
Rookery Lane, Carter Avenue19:5220:5221:5222:5223:56
Church Road, Thickwood Moss Lane19:5320:5321:5322:5323:57
Church Road, Whalley Avenue19:5420:5421:5422:5423:58
Ormskirk Road, The Avenue19:5420:5421:5422:5423:58
Ormskirk Road, Alfred Street19:5420:5421:5422:5423:58
Ormskirk Road, Moss Brow19:5420:5421:5422:5423:58
Old Lane, Parklands19:5520:5521:5522:5523:59
Old Lane, Helen Bank Drive19:5520:5521:5522:5523:59
Old Lane, Hydes Brow19:5620:5621:5622:5600:00
Hydes Brow, Old Lane19:5620:5621:5622:5600:00
Hydes Brow, News Lane19:5620:5621:5622:5600:00
News Lane, Henderson Drive19:5620:5621:5622:5600:01
Maggots Nook Road19:5720:5721:5722:5700:02
News Lane, Rainford Station19:5920:5921:5922:5900:04
News Lane, Bushey Lane19:5920:5921:5922:5900:04
Bushey Lane, Springfield20:0021:0022:0023:0000:05
Bushey Lane, Red Delph Lane20:0021:0022:0023:0000:05
Ormskirk Road20:0121:0122:0123:0100:06
Rainford Road, Bushey Lane20:0121:0122:0123:0100:06
Ormskirk Road, Red Delph Lane20:0221:0222:0223:02-
Ormskirk Road, Dairy Farm Road20:0321:0322:0323:03-
Ormskirk Road, Eden Avenue20:0321:0322:0323:03-
Ormskirk Road, Old Lane20:0321:0322:0323:03-
Ormskirk Road, Cross Pit Lane20:0421:0422:0423:04-
Church Road, Leyland Road20:0421:0422:0423:04-
Church Road, Southerns Lane20:0521:0522:0523:05-
Rookery Drive20:0721:0722:0723:07-
Higher Lane, Dial House Wood20:0721:0722:0723:07-
Mill House Farm20:0821:0822:0823:08-
Higher Lane, Mill Lane20:0921:0922:0923:09-
Higher Lane, Moss Lane20:0921:0922:0923:09-
Higher Lane, Red Cat Lane20:1021:1022:1023:10-
Crank Hill, Highfield Drive20:1021:1022:1023:10-
Crank Road, No.5 Crank Road20:1121:1122:1123:11-
Crank Road, Farifield Hospital20:1121:1122:1123:11-
Crank Road, Grey House Farm20:1221:1222:1223:12-
Crank Road, Sandy Lane20:1321:1322:1323:13-
Crank Road, Ellison Cottages20:1321:1322:1323:13-
Crank Road, Potters Farm20:1321:1322:1323:13-
Crank Road, Rainford Road20:1421:1422:1423:14-
Bleak Hill Road, Rainford Road20:1421:1422:1423:14-
Bleak Hill Road, Stuart Road20:1521:1522:1523:15-
Bleak Hill Road, Hamilton Road20:1621:1622:1623:16-
Bleak Hill Road, Brookside Avenue20:1621:1622:1623:16-
Kiln Lane, Bleak Hill Road20:1721:1722:1723:17-
Kiln Lane, Brookside Avenue20:1821:1822:1823:18-
Kiln Lane, Coronation Road20:1821:1822:1823:18-
Kiln Lane, Hartington Road20:1921:1922:1923:19-
Rosebery Road 20:2021:2022:2023:20-
Greenfield Lane, Hammill Street20:2021:2022:2023:20-
Greenfield Road, Tennis Street20:2121:2122:2123:21-
Greenfield Road, Dentons Green Lane20:2221:2222:2223:22-
Dentons Green Lane, Canterbury Street20:2221:2222:2223:22-
Duke Street, Cowley Hill Lane20:2321:2322:2323:23-
Duke Street, Mill Street20:2421:2422:2423:24-
Baldwin Street, Baldwin Street20:2521:2522:2523:25-
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