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STA Stagecoach Merseyside


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Allport Road, Westminster Drive-07:1608:16
Allport Road, Bromborough Station-07:1708:17
Brookhurst Avenue, Birkdale Avenue-07:1708:17
Brookhurst Avenue, Fairhaven Drive-07:1808:18
Brookhurst Avenue, Brookhurst Road-07:1908:19
Brookhurst Avenue, Turriff Drive-07:2008:20
Brookhurst Avenue, Duncansby Drive-07:2108:21
Brookhurst Avenue, Scafell Close-07:2108:21
Eastham Rake, Eastham Rake Station-07:2208:22
Eastham Rake, Mill Park Drive-07:2208:22
Mill Park Drive, Hatton Avenue-07:2308:23
Mill Park Drive, Clifton Avenue06:3707:2408:24
Mill Park Drive, Delamere Avenue06:3807:2508:25
Mill Park Drive, Calveley Avenue06:3807:2508:25
Mill Park Drive, Eastham Rake06:3807:2508:25
Bridle Road, Adaston Avenue06:3907:2608:26
Bridle Road, Carlett Boulevard06:4007:2708:27
Heygarth Road, Bridle Road06:4007:2708:27
Raeburn Avenue, Heygarth Road06:4107:2808:28
Raeburn Avenue, Wingate Road06:4107:2808:28
Raeburn Avenue, Kilburn Avenue06:4207:2908:29
Raeburn Avenue, Manor Road06:4207:2908:29
Morland Avenue, Raeburn Primary School06:4307:3008:30
Morland Avenue, Allport Road06:4307:3008:30
Allport Road, Bromborough Station06:4407:3108:31
Allport Road, Brancote Gardens06:4407:3108:31
Allport Lane, Allport Road06:4507:3208:32
Allport Lane, Meadowside Road06:4607:3308:33
Allport Lane, Legion Lane06:4707:3408:34
Bromborough Village Road, The Cross06:4807:3508:35
Spital Road, Mark Rake06:4807:3508:35
Croft Avenue East, New Chester Road06:4907:3608:36
Welton Road, Bromborough Retail Park06:5107:3808:38
Welton Road, Croft Retail Park06:5107:3808:38
Port Causeway, Terminus Road06:5207:3908:39
Port Causeway, Eastern Avenue06:5307:4008:40
New Chester Road, Port Causeway06:5407:4108:41
New Chester Road, Shore Drive06:5607:4308:43
New Chester Road, Willowbank Road06:5707:4408:44
New Chester Road, Legh Road06:5807:4508:45
New Chester Road, New Ferry Park06:5807:4508:45
New Chester Road, Hassal Road07:0007:4708:47
New Chester Road, Knowsley Road07:0107:4808:48
New Chester Road, Rock Lane West07:0107:4808:48
New Chester Road, Bedford Road07:0207:4908:49
Bedford Road, Rock Ferry Station07:0307:5008:50
Grove Road, Rockville Street07:0307:5008:50
Grove Road, Old Chester Road07:0407:5108:51
Old Chester Road, Oriel Road07:0407:5108:51
Old Chester Road, Mersey Walk07:0507:5208:52
Queen Street, Green Lane Station07:0607:5308:53
Hinderton Road, Argyle Street South07:0707:5408:54
Argyle Street South, Birkenhead Central Station07:0807:5508:55
Conway Street, Burlington Street07:0907:5608:56
Birkenhead Bus Station/Stand 307:1007:5708:57
Claughton Road, Catherine Street07:1107:58-
Borough Road, Shaw Street07:1308:00-
Borough Road, Victoria Road07:1408:01-
Borough Road, Victoria Fields07:1408:01-
Singleton Avenue, Highgreen Road07:1508:02-
Singleton Avenue, Highpark Road07:1608:03-
Woodchurch Road, Elm Road North07:1808:05-
Woodchurch Road, Osmaston Road07:1808:05-
Woodchurch Road, Dovedale Close07:1908:06-
Woodchurch Road, Grainger Avenue07:2008:07-
Woodchurch Road, Ennerdale Road07:2008:07-
Woodchurch Road, Palmwood Close07:2108:08-
Ackers Road, Commonfield Road07:2308:10-
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