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WOB Warrington's Own Buses


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Milton Road, Milton Road16:15
Birchfield Road, Horse & Jockey16:16
Birchfield Road, Wade Deacon16:17
Birchfield Road, Birchfield Road16:17
Birchfield Road, Widnes Station16:18
Birchfield Road, Pit Lane16:19
Birchfield Road, Buckingham Avenue16:20
The Globe16:21
Cronton Lane, Hillcrest16:22
Cronton Lane, Pex Hill16:23
Cronton Road, Hall Lane16:24
Cronton Road, Chapel Lane16:25
Cronton Road, Alder Lane16:26
Cronton Road, Tue Lane16:27
Cronton Road, Prescot Road16:28
Cronton Road, Dacres Bridge Lane16:29
Cronton Road, Coppice Lane16:32
Cronton Road, Bardley Crescent16:32
Tarbock Road, Manley Road16:33
Tarbock Road, Biglands Drive16:34
Tarbock Road, Wheathill Road16:35
Tarbock Road, Belfield Crescent16:35
Tarbock Road, Marina Crescent16:36
Archway Road, Roby Road16:36
Poplar Bank, Westmorland Road16:37
Huyton Bus Station/Stand 516:38
Victoria Road, Huyton Hey Road16:38
Seel Road, Hey Park16:39
Seel Road, Attlee Road16:39
Seel Road, St Gabriels Avenue16:40
Seel Road, Hillcrest Avenue16:41
The Crescent, Longview Drive16:41
Longview Drive, Hardie Road16:42
Longview Drive, Hurst Park Drive16:43
Longview Drive, Edenfield Crescent16:44
Longview Lane, Wellcroft Road16:46
Hillside Road, Wastle Bridge Road16:48
Woolfall Heath Avenue, Nyland Road16:49
Woolfall Heath Avenue, Parbrook Road16:50
Woolfall Heath Avenue, Fairclough Road16:51
Terminus Road, Stockbridge Lane16:53
Princess Drive, Liverpool Road16:53
Princess Drive, Lordens Road16:54
Princess Drive, Burtree Road16:55
Princess Drive, Finch Road16:55
Princess Drive, Yew Tree Lane16:56
Princess Drive, Yew Tree Lane16:57
Princess Drive, Aspes Road16:57
Princess Drive, Deysbrook Lane16:58
Deysbrook Lane, Croxteth Hall Lane16:58
Mab Lane, Waterpark Drive16:59
Waterpark Drive, Haswell Drive17:00
Haswell Drive, Nevitte Close17:01
Haswell Drive, Custley Hey17:01
Haswell Drive, Juniper Close17:02
Haswell Drive, Little Moss Hey17:03
Waterpark Drive, The Spinney17:04
Leach Croft, Waterpark Drive17:05
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