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Earle Road, Archbishop Blanche School14:40
Earle Road, Webster Road14:40
Lawrence Road, Salisbury Road14:40
Lawrence Road, Talton Road14:41
Gainsborough Road, Jamieson Road14:41
Gainsborough Road, Smithdown Road14:42
Smithdown Road, Wellington Avenue14:42
Smithdown Road, Granville Road14:42
Smithdown Road, Tunstall Street14:43
Smithdown Road, Magdala Street14:43
Upper Parliament Street, Lorton Street14:44
Upper Parliament Street, Kingsley Road14:44
Upper Parliament Street, Mulgrave Street14:45
Upper Parliament Street, Bedford Street South14:46
Princes Avenue, Rosebery Street14:47
Upper Warwick Street, Gwent Street14:47
Upper Warwick Street, Luke Street14:49
Upper Warwick Street, Park Road14:49
Warwick Street, Hyslop Street14:50
Mill Street, Northumberland Street14:50
Mill Street, Corn Street14:51
Mill Street, Wellington Road14:52
Mill Street, David Street14:53
Dingle Mount, South Hill Street14:53
Dingle Lane, Monkswell Street14:54
Aigburth Road, Ullet Road14:55
Aigburth Road, Parkfield Road14:56
Aigburth Road, Lark Lane14:56
Aigburth Road, Roxburgh Avenue14:57
Aigburth Road, Ashbourne Road14:58
Aigburth Road, Lisburn Road15:00
Aigburth Road, Milner Road15:00
Aigburth Road, Chequers Gardens15:01
Aigburth Road, Aigburth Hall Avenue15:02
Aigburth Road, Ranelagh Drive South15:02
Aigburth Road, Riverbank Road15:02
St Marys Road, Cressington Station15:03
St Marys Road, Whitehedge Road15:03
St Marys Road, Darby Grove15:03
St Marys Road, Heald Street15:04
Speke Road, Church Road15:05
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