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HUY Huyton Travel


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Bradlegh Road, Newton Hospital19:0921:0923:09
Bradlegh Road, Caunce Avenue19:0921:0923:09
Wargrave Road, Park Road South19:1021:1023:10
Wargrave Road, Old Wargrave Road19:1021:1023:10
Wargrave Road, Hope Street19:1121:1123:11
Railway Street, Earlstown Station19:1221:1223:12
Haydock Street, Oxford Street19:1321:1323:13
Stanley Street, Market Street19:1321:1323:13
Earlestown Bus Station/Stand 319:1421:1423:14
Market Street, Crown Street19:1521:1523:15
Crow Lane West, Heather Brae19:1521:1523:15
Vista Road, Crow Lane West19:1621:1623:16
Vista Road, George Street19:1621:1623:16
Vista Road, The Bungalow19:1721:1723:17
Vista Road, McFaul Salvage19:1821:1823:18
Vista Road, Queens Road19:1921:1923:19
Penny Lane, Vista Road19:2021:2023:20
Church Road, Kenyons Lane South19:2021:2023:20
Church Road, Balharry Avenue19:2121:2123:21
Church Road, Homestead Avenue19:2121:2123:21
Piele Road, Birch Road19:2221:2223:22
Piele Road, Bluebell Avenue19:2321:2323:23
Millfield Lane, Piele Road19:2421:2423:24
Millfield Lane, Andover Road19:2621:2623:26
Millfield Lane, Liverpool Road19:2721:2723:27
Liverpool Road, Fishwicks Trading Estate19:2821:2823:28
Liverpool Road, M6 Motorway19:3021:3023:30
Liverpool Road, Old Hall Drive19:3121:3123:31
Liverpool Road, Warrington Road19:3121:3123:31
Gerard Street, The Gerard Centre19:3221:3223:32
Wigan, Ashton View19:3321:3323:33
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