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SEL Selwyns
AC Als Coaches Ltd


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Old Chester Road, Plessington Lower School15:20
Spital Road, Spital Station15:26
Spital Road, Bromborough Road15:27
Spital Road, Brotherton Park15:28
Spital Road, Croft Avenue East15:28
Spital Road, Stanhope Drive15:29
Allport Lane, The Cross15:30
Allport Lane, Acre Lane15:30
Allport Lane, Neville Road15:31
Allport Lane, Allport Road15:32
Allport Road, Brancote Gardens15:32
Allport Road, Westminster Drive15:33
Morland Avenue, Raeburn Primary School15:34
Raeburn Avenue, Manor Road15:35
Raeburn Avenue, Kilburn Avenue15:35
Raeburn Avenue, Wingate Road15:36
Raeburn Avenue, Heygarth Road15:36
Heygarth Road, Raeburn Avenue15:37
Heygarth Road, Bridle Road15:37
Heygarth Road, New Chester Road15:38
Eastham Village Road, St Johns Road15:39
Eastham Village Road, Ferry Road15:39
Ferry Road, Eastham Village Road15:40
Ferry Road, St David Road15:41
Ferry Road, Mayfield Drive15:42
Ferry Road, Torr Drive15:43
Ferry Road, Woodland Remembrance Park15:44
Ferry Road, Eastham Country Park15:45
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