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Ferry Road, Eastham Country Park07:50
Ferry Road, Torr Drive07:52
Ferry Road, Mayfield Drive07:54
Ferry Road, St David Road07:55
Ferry Road, Eastham Village Road07:56
Eastham Village Road, Vicarage Row07:57
Eastham Village Road, St David Road07:58
Heygarth Road, New Chester Road08:00
Heygarth Road, Bridle Road08:00
Raeburn Avenue, Heygarth Road08:01
Raeburn Avenue, Wingate Road08:02
Raeburn Avenue, Kilburn Avenue08:02
Raeburn Avenue, Manor Road08:02
Morland Avenue, Raeburn Primary School08:03
Morland Avenue, Allport Road08:04
Allport Road, Brancote Gardens08:05
Allport Lane, Allport Road08:05
Allport Lane, Meadowside Road08:06
Allport Lane, Legion Lane08:07
Bromborough Village Road, The Cross08:08
Spital Road, Mark Rake08:08
Spital Road, Croft Avenue08:09
Spital Road, Brotherton Park08:09
Spital Road, Bromborough Road08:10
Spital Road, Oakridge Road08:11
Spital Road, Spital Station08:12
Spital Road, Blair Park08:13
Spital Road, Poulton Road08:13
Church Road, Tudor Avenue08:14
Church Road, Stanton Road08:15
Church Road, Civic Way08:16
The Village, Civic Way08:17
Bebington Road, Barlow Avenue08:18
Old Chester Road, Bebington Station08:18
Old Chester Road, College Drive08:20
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