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Egerton Road, Manor Hill15:40
Park Road West, St Albans Road15:40
Upton Road, Shrewsbury Road15:41
Shrewsbury Road, Upton Road15:41
Shrewsbury Road, Tollemache Road15:41
Tolllemache Road, Shrewsbury Road15:42
Egerton Road, Manor Hill15:42
Park Road South, Park Road West15:43
Balls Road East, Oxton Road15:45
Borough Road, Victoria Road15:46
Borough Road, Victoria Fields15:46
Singleton Avenue, Highgreen Road15:47
Singleton Avenue, Highpark Road15:47
Storeton Road, Woodchurch Lane15:48
Storeton Road, Prenton Road West15:48
Storeton Road, Mendip Road15:49
Mount Road, Storeton Road15:49
Mount Road, Mendip Road15:50
Borough Road, Mount Road15:50
Borough Road, Cavendish Drive15:51
Kings Road, Thornton Avenue15:51
Kings Road, Kings Lane15:52
Kings Road, Kings Close15:52
Kings Road, Bentfield Gardens15:52
Kings Road, Town Lane15:53
Teehey Lane, Roland Avenue15:53
Teehey Lane, Waterfield Close15:53
Teehey Lane, Gorseyville Road15:54
Heath Road, Brackenwood Junior School15:55
Heath Road, Cross Lane15:55
Heath Road, Pulford Road15:56
Heath Road, The Village15:56
The Village, Civic Way15:56
Church Road, The Wiend15:57
Church Road, Quarry Road East15:58
Church Road, Parkfield Road15:58
Spital Road, Church Road15:59
Spital Road, Cypress Croft15:59
Spital Road, Spital Station16:00
Spital Road, Bromborough Road16:01
Spital Road, Brotherton Park16:02
Spital Road, Croft Avenue East16:03
Spital Road, Stanhope Drive16:03
Allport Lane, The Cross16:05
Allport Lane, Acre Lane16:05
Allport Lane, Neville Road16:06
Allport Lane, Allport Road16:06
Allport Road, Brancote Gardens16:07
Allport Road, Westminster Drive16:08
Plymyard Avenue, Bromborough Station16:08
Plymyard Avenue, The Woodcotes16:09
Plymyard Avenue, Langfield Grove16:10
Plymyard Avenue, Heygarth Road16:11
Plymyard Avenue, Lyndale Avenue16:12
Eastham Rake, Glenburn Avenue16:13
Eastham Rake, Mill Park Drive16:13
Mill Park Drive, Eastham Rake16:14
Mill Park Drive, Calveley Avenue16:14
Mill Park Drive, Tarvin Road16:14
Mill Park Drive, Clifton Avenue16:16
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