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Noctorum Avenue, Moorfields Avenue-14:30
Noctorum Avenue, Ormond Way-14:30
Overchurch Road, Ladybower Close07:30-
Borrowdale Road, Burrell Drive07:31-
Noctorum Avenue, St Peters Way-14:31
Borrowdale Road, Woodside Avenue07:31-
Noctorum Avenue, Beryl Road-14:32
Hoylake Road, Joan Avenue07:32-
Noctorum Avenue, Upton Station-14:32
Hoylake Road, Rosslyn Drive07:32-
Ford Road, Upton By-Pass-14:33
Ford Road, Ford Drive-14:33
Ford Road, Salacre Lane-14:34
Moreton Road, Upland Road-14:36
Moreton Road, Warwick Road-14:36
Moreton Road, M53 Motorway-14:37
Upton Road, Seaforth Drive-14:38
Upton Road, Griffin Avenue-14:38
Upton Road, Glebelands Road-14:39
Hoylake Road, Knutsford Road07:3314:39
Sandbrook Lane, Carnsdale Road07:3414:40
Upton Road, Glebelands Road07:36-
Upton Road, Marian Drive07:37-
Cherry Tree Road, Sandbrook Lane07:3914:41
Chapelhill Road, Cherry Tree Road07:4014:42
Upton Road, Croft Drive07:41-
Moreton Road, M53 Motorway07:41-
Chapelhill Road, Fender View Road07:4214:42
Chapelhill Road, Hopfield Road07:4314:42
Moreton Road, The Woodlands07:43-
Stavordale Road, Oxholme Close07:4514:43
Moreton Road, Braeside Gardens07:45-
Hoylake Road, Stuart Avenue07:4714:44
Ford Road, Tinas Way07:48-
Hoylake Road, Alwyn Gardens07:5014:45
Ford Road, Wroxham Drive07:51-
Hoylake Road, Chadwick Street-14:47
Ford Road, Ford Drive07:51-
Hoylake Road, Rosslyn Drive-14:47
Upton By-Pass, Ford Road07:52-
Borrowdale Road, Hoylake Road-14:47
Noctorum Avenue, Beryl Road07:54-
Noctorum Avenue, St Peters Way07:55-
Borrowdale Road, Woodside Avenue-14:48
Noctorum Avenue, Ormond Way07:55-
Borrowdale Road, Raby Drive-14:48
Noctorum Avenue, Westcott Way07:56-
Overchurch Road, Hudson Place-14:49
Noctorum Avenue, Moorfields Avenue07:57-
Saughall Massie Road, Brookside Crescent-14:50
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