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AC Als Coaches Ltd


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Earle Road, Archbishop Blanche School14:40
Earle Road, Webster Road14:41
Lawrence Road, Salisbury Road14:43
Lawrence Road, Talton Road14:44
Wellington Road, Liberty Street14:46
Picton Road, Southdale Road14:49
High Street, Grove Street14:51
Childwall Road, Mill Lane14:54
Thingwall Road, Childwall Road14:54
Thingwall Road, South Way14:55
Thingwall Road, Field Way14:56
Rocky Lane, Queens Drive14:57
Rocky Lane, Glendevon Road14:58
Rocky Lane, Staniforth Place14:58
Bowring Park Road, Chelwood Avenue15:00
Bowring Park Road, Grangewood15:00
Roby Road, Court Hey Road15:01
Roby Road, Rimmer Avenue15:02
Roby Road, Pilch Lane East15:03
Roby Road, Roby Station15:04
Roby Road, Anderton Terrace15:05
Archway Road, Roby Road15:06
Poplar Bank, Westmorland Road15:07
Huyton Bus Station/Stand 215:08
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