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SEL Selwyns


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Graham Road, Graham Road Grammar School--15:55
Meols Drive, West Lodge Drive--15:58
Ford Road, Upton By-Pass07:58--
Ford Road, Ford Drive07:59--
Meols Drive, Bridge Road--15:59
Ford Road, Salacre Lane08:01--
Grange Road, West Kirby Station--16:00
Old Greasby Road, Frankby Grove08:03--
Grange Road, Black Horse Hill--16:04
Column Road, Beacon Drive--16:05
Greasby Road, Cortsway08:05--
Column Road, Gourleys Lane--16:07
Greasby Road, Brookdale Avenue North08:06--
Greasby Road, Norwood Road08:07--
Column Road, Fleck Lane-15:4216:09
Frankby Road, Hambledon Drive08:08--
Grange Cross Lane, Column Road-15:4316:09
Frankby Road, Millcroft Park08:09--
Newton Cross Lane, Bracken Drive-15:4516:11
Frankby Road, China Farm Lane-15:4516:11
Frankby Road, Frankby Green08:10--
Frankby Road, Frankby Stiles-15:4616:12
Frankby Road, Frankby Stiles08:12--
Frankby Road, Newton Park Road08:13--
Frankby Road, Frankby Green-15:4716:13
Frankby Road, St Johns Church-15:4816:13
Newton Cross Lane, Frankby Road08:13--
Frankby Road, Frankby Close-15:4816:14
Newton Cross Lane, Newton Park Road08:14--
Greasby Road, Hillcrest Drive-15:4916:14
Column Road, Grammar School Lane08:16--
Column Road, Burlingham Avenue08:17--
Greasby Road, Old Pump Lane-15:4916:15
Greasby Road, Macdonald Drive-15:5016:15
Column Road, Beacon Drive08:17--
Greasby Road, Wood Lane-15:5216:16
Grange Road, Monks Way08:18--
Greasby Road, Broadway-15:5316:16
Upton By-Pass, Ford Road-15:54-
Grange Road, Ashburton Road08:20--
Grange Road, West Kirby Station08:20--
Greasby Road, Cortsway-15:5416:17
Meols Drive, Lingdale Road08:21--
Old Greasby Road, Welton Avenue-15:5616:17
Graham Road, Graham Road Grammar School08:23--
Ford Road, Tinas Way-15:5816:18
Ford Road, Wroxham Drive-15:5916:18
Ford Road, Ford Drive-16:0016:19
Upton By Pass, Upton Station-16:0216:20
Upton Road, Warren Drive-16:0216:20
Upton Road, Tollemache Road-16:03-
Upton Road, Coral Ridge-16:0516:22
Shrewsbury Road, Upton Road-16:05-
Upton Road, Noctorum Lane-16:0616:23
Shrewsbury Road, Tollemache Road-16:07-
Upton Road, Boundary Road-16:0816:24
Upton Road, Wilfred Owen Drive-16:0816:25
Shrewsbury Road, Tollemache Road-16:0816:26
Shrewsbury Road, Shrewsbury Close-16:0916:27
Shrewsbury Road, Kingsmead Road-16:1016:28
Shrewsbury Road, Beresford Road--16:28
Shrewsbury Road, Alton Road--16:30
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