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SEL Selwyns


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Pasture Road, Tarran Way South07:45-
Pasture Road, Moreton Station07:46-
Irby Road, Fishers Lane-15:25
Pasture Road, Silverburn Avenue07:47-
Irby Road, Bridgenorth Road-15:26
Upton Road, Glebelands Road07:48-
Irby Road, Backford Road-15:28
Upton Road, Marian Drive07:48-
Irby Road, Thingwall Road-15:28
Upton Road, Croft Drive07:49-
Mill Hill Road, Manor Road-15:29
Upton By Pass, Saughall Massie Road07:53-
Mill Hill Road, Far Meadow Lane-15:30
Mill Hill Road, Hillview Road-15:30
Greasby Road, Cortsway07:57-
Mill Hill Road, Sandy Lane North-15:32
Greasby Road, Brookdale Avenue North07:58-
Greasby Road, Norwood Road07:59-
Mill Lane, Hillbark Road-15:33
Greasby Road, MacDonald Drive08:00-
Mill Lane, Greasby Primary School-15:34
Mill Lane, Thorns Drive-15:35
Mill Lane, Lloyd Drive08:00-
Mill Lane, Lloyd Drive-15:35
Mill Lane, Thorns Drive08:01-
Greasby Road, Old Pump Lane-15:36
Mill Lane, Thorns Drive08:01-
Mill Lane, Greasby Primary School08:01-
Greasby Road, Macdonald Drive-15:37
Mill Lane, Arrowe Brook Lane08:02-
Greasby Road, Wood Lane-15:38
Mill Hill Road, Sandy Lane North08:03-
Greasby Road, Broadway-15:39
Greasby Road, Cortsway-15:40
Mill Hill Road, Heathbank Avenue08:04-
Mill Hill Road, Far Meadow Lane08:04-
Mill Hill Road, Methodist Church08:05-
Thingwall Road, Mill Hill Road08:05-
Irby Road, Thingwall Road08:06-
Irby Road, Woodlands Road08:06-
Irby Road, Somerset Road08:07-
Irby Road, Fishers Lane08:07-
Irby Road, Kylemore Drive08:08-
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