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SEL Selwyns


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Heath Road, Wirral Grammar School for Girls B-15:55
Heath Road, Brackenwood Junior School-15:55
Pensby Road, Wimbourne Avenue08:02-
Pensby Road, Gills Lane08:03-
Mount Road, Bracken Lane-15:58
Pensby Road, Fender Way08:04-
Mount Road, Brackenwood Road-16:01
Pensby Road, Belmont Drive08:05-
Brimstage Road, Brimstage Road-16:02
Pensby Road, Downham Road North08:06-
Brimstage Road, Green Bank-16:03
Pensby Road, Whitfield Lane08:07-
Brimstage Road, Manor Road-16:04
Pensby Road, Daryl Road08:08-
Brimstage Road, Whitehouse Lane-16:04
Brimstage Road, Brimstage Manor-16:05
Brimstage Road, Stop A -16:06
Telegraph Road, Beacon Lane08:09-
Brimstage Road, Redmere Drive-16:06
Telegraph Road, Boundary Lane08:10-
Brimstage Road, The Paddock-16:07
Brimstage Road, Barnston Road08:11-
Brimstage Road, Ryecroft Road08:12-
Telegraph Road, Well Lane-16:08
Telegraph Road, Hillside Road-16:09
Brimstage Road, Nigel Road08:13-
Telegraph Road, Telegraph Road-16:09
Brimstage Road, Stop B 08:13-
Brimstage Road, Whitehouse Lane08:14-
Telegraph Road, Beacon Lane-16:09
Brimstage Road, Manor Road08:15-
Heswall Bus Station, Stop C08:1616:11
Pensby Road, Tower Road South-16:11
Brimstage Road, Green Bank08:17-
Pensby Road, Grange Road-16:13
Brimstage Road, Brimstage Road08:19-
Pensby Road, Downham Road North-16:13
Brimstage Road, Needwood Drive08:21-
Pensby Road, Kingsley Close-16:14
Brimstage Road, Beechway08:21-
Pensby Road, Rosemead Avenue-16:15
Beechway, Cross Lane08:22-
Pensby Road, Fishers Lane-16:16
Cross Lane, Stanton Road08:24-
Pensby Road, Cornelius Drive-16:17
Cross Lane, Langdale Road08:25-
Cross Lane, Wirral Grammar School08:27-
Pensby Road, Penrhyn Avenue-16:19
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