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SEL Selwyns
AC Als Coaches Ltd


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Chester Road, Boathouse Lane07:54-
Chester Road, Queensway07:54-
Column Road, Grammar School Lane07:5415:40
Brimstage Road, Barnston Road07:56-
Column Road, Burlingham Avenue07:5615:41
Column Road, Beacon Drive07:5715:42
Brimstage Road, Ryecroft Road07:57-
Grange Road, Monks Way07:5815:43
Brimstage Road, Nigel Road07:59-
Grange Road, Ashburton Road08:0015:45
Barnston Road, Beech Road08:01-
Grange Road, West Kirby Station08:0215:46
Barnston Road, Speedwell Drive08:02-
Meols Drive, Lingdale Road08:0315:47
Barnston Road, Chalkwell Drive08:04-
Graham Road, Graham Road Grammar School08:0415:49
Well Lane, Telegraph Road08:05-
Meols Drive, West Lodge Drive-15:49
Gayton Road, Lapwing Rise08:08-
Meols Drive, Bridge Road-15:49
Village Road, The Lydiate08:09-
Grange Road, West Kirby Station-15:50
Thurstaston Road, West Grove08:10-
Dee View Road, School Hill08:10-
Grange Road, Black Horse Hill-15:50
Column Road, Beacon Drive-15:50
The Mount, Mount Avenue08:11-
Column Road, Gourleys Lane-15:51
Telegraph Road, Tesco08:12-
Column Road, Fleck Lane-15:51
Telegraph Road, Thurstaston Road08:14-
Telegraph Road, Montgomery Hill-15:52
Quarry Road East, Tower Road North08:15-
Telegraph Road, Caldy Sports Club-15:53
Quarry Road East, Grange Road08:15-
Telegraph Road, Thurstaston Road-15:53
Irby Road, Quarry Road East08:16-
Telegraph Road, Telegraph Road-15:54
Irby Road, Belldene Grove08:16-
Irby Road, Kylemore Drive08:18-
Telegraph Road, Pine Way-15:55
Irby Road, Fishers Lane08:18-
Telegraph Road, Quarry Road East-15:55
Telegraph Road, Thurstaston Road-15:56
Irby Road, Bridgenorth Road08:18-
Irby Road, Backford Road08:20-
Telegraph Road, Tesco-16:02
Irby Road, Thingwall Road08:20-
Heswall Bus Station/Stop B -16:06
Thurstaston Road, Manor Road08:20-
Telegraph Road, Beacon Lane-16:06
Thurstaston Road, Lyndhurst Road08:21-
Telegraph Road, Boundary Lane-16:07
Barnston Road, Brimstage Road-16:08
Thurstaston Road, School Lane08:22-
Thurstaston Road, Telegraph Road08:23-
Barnston Road, Buffs Lane-16:09
Telegraph Road, Caldy Sports Club08:25-
Barnston Road, Beech Road-16:10
Column Road, Grange Cross Lane08:27-
Barnston Road, Acre Lane-16:10
Grange Cross Lane, Column Road08:27-
Brimstage Road, Redmere Drive-16:11
Grammar School Lane, Caldy Grammar School08:3016:11
Brimstage Road, The Paddock-16:12
Chester Road, Barnston Road-16:13
Chester Road, Gayton Lane-16:13
Chester Road, Queensway-16:14
Chester Road, Boathouse Lane-16:15
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