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Grammar School Lane, Caldy Grammar School15:25
Column Road, Burlingham Avenue15:25
Column Road, Beacon Drive15:25
Black Horse Hill, Black Horse Hill15:26
Frankby Road, Wirral Mount15:27
Frankby Road, Fulton Avenue15:27
Frankby Road, China Farm Lane15:28
Frankby Road, Frankby Stiles15:29
Frankby Road, Frankby Green15:30
Frankby Road, St Johns Church15:30
Frankby Road, Frankby Close15:31
Greasby Road, Hillcrest Drive15:31
Mill Lane, Lloyd Drive15:32
Mill Lane, Thorns Drive15:32
Mill Lane, Thorns Drive15:32
Mill Lane, Greasby Primary School15:33
Mill Lane, Arrowe Brook Lane15:33
Mill Hill Road, Sandy Lane North15:33
Mill Hill Road, Heathbank Avenue15:34
Mill Hill Road, Far Meadow Lane15:35
Mill Hill Road, Methodist Church15:35
Thingwall Road, Roslin Road15:36
Thingwall Road, Coombe Road15:36
Thingwall Road, Glenwood Drive15:37
Thingwall Road, Whaley Lane15:37
Whaley Lane, Barker Road15:38
Whaley Lane, Anderson Close15:38
Pensby Road, Penrhyn Avenue15:39
Pensby Road, Richmond Way15:39
Thingwall Road East, Arrowe Park Road15:40
Barnston Road, Thingwall Grange15:40
Barnston Road, Lower Thingwall Lane15:41
Barnston Road, Woodlands Drive15:43
Barnston Road, Gills Lane15:43
Barnston Road, Storeton Lane15:45
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