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MC Maghull Coaches


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Prescot Bus Station/Stand D08:01
High Street, Atherton Street08:02
St Helens Road, Evans Street08:03
St Helens Road, Burrows Lane08:05
St Helens Road, New Road08:06
St Helens Road, Central Avenue08:07
St Helens Road, Valencia Grove08:08
St Helens Road, Tern Way08:09
Prescot Road, Hill School Road08:10
Prescot Road, Seddon Road08:11
Prescot Road, Freckleton Road08:12
Prescot Road, No. 32408:13
Prescot Road, Margery Road08:13
Thatto Heath Road, Whittle Street08:16
Thatto Heath Road, Lacey Street08:16
Thatto Heath Road, Elephant Lane08:17
Nutgrove Road, Nutgrove Hall Drive08:18
Nutgrove Road, Samuel Street08:18
Rainhill Road, Bexhill Gardens08:19
Elton Head Road, Rainhill Road08:22
Elton Head Road, Stratton Drive08:23
Elton Head Road, Elton Head Road08:23
Sherdley Road, Elton Head Road08:26
Elephant Lane, Stevenage Close08:27
Sutton Heath Road, Basildon Close08:28
Sutton Heath Road, The Broads08:28
Elton Head Road, Stratton Drive08:31
Rainhill Road, Elton Head Road08:33
Rainhill Road, Elderswood Road08:34
Rainhill Road, Warrington Road08:35
Warrington Road, Rainhill Rail Staiton08:36
Warrington Road, Ashfield08:37
Warrington Road, Lawton Road08:38
Warrington Road, Dunbeath Avenue08:40
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