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HUY Huyton Travel


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Prescot Road, Roby Street08:20--
Prescot Road, Margery Road08:21--
Warrington Road, Lawton Road-15:3615:41
Warrington Road, St James Road-15:3715:42
Prescot Road, No. 41108:21--
Warrington Road, Rainhill Rail Station-15:3815:44
Prescot Road, Freckleton Road08:22--
Prescot Road, Seascale Avenue08:23--
Warrington Road, Old Lane-15:4015:45
Warrington Road, Kendal Drive-15:4115:46
Prescot Road, Hill School Road08:24--
St Helens Road, Tern Way08:25--
Warrington Road, Longview Road-15:4315:48
Delph Lane, Fire Station Road-15:4415:50
St Helens Road, Valencia Grove08:26--
Portico Lane, Watling Way-15:4615:52
St Helens Road, Central Avenue08:27--
Old Lane, Plumtree Close-15:4715:53
St Helens Road, Albany Avenue08:28--
Alder Road, Alder Close-15:4815:56
St James Road, Old Lane08:30--
Alder Road, Derwent Avenue-15:4915:58
Old Lane, Albany Avenue08:31--
St James Road, Old Lane-15:5016:01
Old Lane, Fairholme Avenue08:31--
St Helens Road, Burrows Lane-15:5216:05
Old Lane, Plum Tree Close08:33--
St Helens Road, New Road-15:53-
Portico Lane, Watling Way08:33--
St Helens Road, Central Avenue-15:54-
Delph Lane, Fire Station Road08:35--
Warrington Road, Longview Road08:36--
St Helens Road, Valencia Grove-15:56-
Warrington Road, Martin Close08:37--
St Helens Road, Tern Way-15:56-
Warrington Road, Ivy Farm Road08:39--
Prescot Road, Hill School Road-15:56-
Warrington Road, Rainhill Rail Staiton08:40--
Prescot Road, Seddon Road-15:56-
Warrington Road, Ashfield08:42--
Prescot Road, Freckleton Road-15:56-
Warrington Road, Lawton Road08:43--
Prescot Road, No. 324-15:57-
Warrington Road, Dunbeath Avenue08:45--
Prescot Road, Margery Road-15:58-
Prescot Road, Regents Road-16:00-
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