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ARR Arriva Merseyside


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Berrys Lane, Brookway Lane14:45
Watery Lane, Berrys Lane14:45
Watery Lane, Rolling Mill Lane14:46
Watery Lane, Hoghton Road14:47
Hoghton Road, Peckers Hill Road14:47
Robins Lane, Ellen Street14:48
Robins Lane, Monastery Road14:49
Robins Lane, Waterdale Crescent14:49
Robins Lane, Baxters Lane14:50
Robins Lane, Kinmel Street14:51
Marshalls Cross Road, Robins Lane14:52
Marshalls Cross Road, Eaves Lane14:54
Sutton Fold, Sherdley Bus Park14:57
Sherdley Road, Elton Head Road14:59
Elephant Lane, Stevenage Close15:00
Elephant Lane, Poynter Street15:01
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