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STA Stagecoach Merseyside


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Clock Face Road, Farm Road07:3307:55
Clockface Road, Field Road07:3307:55
Gartons Lane, Clock Face Road07:3407:56
Gartons Lane, Agnes Street07:3407:56
Gartons Lane, Bentley Street07:3507:57
Gartons Lane, Jubits Lane07:3607:58
Jubits Lane, Chandlers Way07:3607:58
Forest Road, Jubits Lane07:3707:59
Forest Road, Shakespeare Road07:3808:00
Walkers Lane, Forest Road07:3908:01
Walkers Lane, Tressel Drive07:3908:01
Walkers Lane, Chester Lane07:4008:02
Four Acre Lane, Burnage Avenue07:4108:03
Clockface Road, Four Acre Lane07:4208:04
Leach Lane, Ilfracombe road07:4308:05
Leach Lane, Ilfracombe Road07:4408:06
Leach Lane, Wheatsheaf Avenue07:4508:07
Leach Lane, Wheatsheaf Avenue07:4508:07
Mill Lane, Old Mill Avenue07:4608:08
Mill Lane, Humber Crescent07:4608:08
New Street, Severn Close07:4708:09
New Street, Eaves Lane07:4708:09
New Street, Freda Avenue07:4808:10
New Street, Dinorben Avenue07:4908:11
New Street, Olga Road07:4908:11
New Street, Highfield Street07:5008:12
Robins Lane, Lancots Lane07:5008:12
Robins Lane, Monastery Road07:5108:13
Robins Lane, Ellen Street07:5108:13
Peckers Hill Road, Robins Lane07:5208:14
Hoghton Road, Carnegie Crescent07:5308:15
Watery Lane, Rolling Mill Lane07:5408:16
Watery Lane, Berrys Lane07:5508:17
Berrys Lane, Meadow Lane07:5608:18
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