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PB Peoples Bus


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Seaforth Road, Seaforth Station08:00
Church Road, Ash Road08:01
Church Road, Wilsons Lane08:02
Church Road, Springfield Avenue08:03
Church Road, Kirkstone Road North08:04
Church Road, Boundary Road08:05
Netherton Way, Dunnings Bridge Road08:06
Netherton Way, Captains Lane08:07
Bridle Road, Farriers Way08:10
Bridle Road, Bridle Way08:10
Bridle Road, Hereford Drive08:11
Park Lane, Lingfield Close08:12
Park Lane, Brecon Walk08:13
Park Lane, Dunnings Bridge Road08:14
Dunnings Bridge Road, Park Lane West08:14
Dunnings Bridge Road, Heysham Road08:15
Dunnings Bridge Road, Heysham Road08:16
Northern Perimeter Road, Corwen Drive08:17
Northern Perimeter Road, Hollinhey Close08:19
Northern Perimeter Road, Chapel Lane08:20
Northern Perimeter Road, Waterside08:22
Northern Perimeter Road, Higher End Park08:23
Bridges Lane, Sefton Mill Lane08:28
Sefton Lane, Bridges Lane08:31
Sefton Lane, Sefton Drive08:32
Sefton Lane, Liverpool Road South08:33
Liverpool Road South, Sandringham Road08:34
Gainsborough Avenue, Maghull High School08:35