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STA Stagecoach Merseyside


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Prescot Road, Freckleton Road16:20
Prescot Road, No. 32416:20
Prescot Road, Margery Road16:21
Prescot Road, Regents Road16:22
Prescot Road, Grosvenor Road16:23
Prescot Road, Underhill Road16:24
Prescot Road, Tullis Street16:25
Westfield Street, Eccleston Street16:26
Westfield Street, Rigby Street South16:27
Cotham Street, Claughton Street16:28
Corporation Street, St Helens Central Station16:30
Corporation Street, Phoenix Brow16:31
Parr Street, Traverse Street16:33
Park Road, Pocket Nook Street16:34
Merton Bank Road, Wood Street16:36
Hinckley Road, Mowbray Avenue16:40
Hinckley Road, Enderby Avenue16:42
Desford Avenue, Coalville Road16:45
Chain Lane, Paisley Avenue16:45
Blackbrook Road, O' Sullivan Crescent16:46
West End Road, Waine Street16:47
West End Road, Old Whint Road16:47
West End Road, Sumner Street16:47
Clipsley Lane, West End Road16:48
Clipsley Lane, Grosvenor Road16:48
Clipsley Lane, Squires Close16:49
Clipsley Lane, Stanton Close16:49
Clipsley Lane, Grange Valley16:50
Church Road, Halton Street16:50
Church Road, North Street16:51
Piele Road, Birch Road16:51
Piele Road, Bluebell Avenue16:51
Millfield Lane, Piele Road16:53
Millfield Lane, Andover Road16:54
Millfield Lane, Liverpool Road16:57
Tithebarn Road, Millfield Lane16:57
Tithebarn Road, Gibbons Road16:59
Tithebarn Road, Garswood Road17:01
Garswood Road, Gibbons Road17:02
Victoria Road, Forres Grove17:04
Victoria Road, Ranmore Avenue17:06
Billinge Road, Rectory Road17:08
Downall Green Road, Booths Brow Road17:09
Downall Green Road, Our Lady Immaculate Church17:10
Downall Green Road, Meadowcroft17:10
Downall Green Road, Dryden Avenue17:11
Downall Green Road, Medway Close17:12
Wigan Road, Bryn Rail Station17:13
Wigan Road, Old Road17:14
Wigan Road, Cansfield Grove17:15
Wigan Road, Jubilee Park17:15
Wigan Road, Ashton View17:16
Bolton Road, Orchard Street17:18
Bolton Road, Hazelhurst Grove17:18
Bolton Road, Bryn Road17:19
Golborne Road, St Luke's Church17:20
Golborne Road, Upland Drive17:20
Golborne Road, Nursery Terrace17:21
Golborne Road, Edge Green Road17:22
Edge Green Lane, Ashton Road17:23
Edge Green Lane, Manley Avenue17:23
Edge Green Lane, Prescott Avenue17:24
Edge Green Lane, Lilac Road17:25
Bank Street, Grimshaw Street17:26
Heath Street, Salisbury Street17:27
High Street, Railway Road17:28
Church Street, Church Green Gardens17:29
Derby Road, East Avenue17:31
Derby Road, Naylor Avenue17:32
Derby Road, Manor Avenue17:33
Golborne Road, Rectory Avenue17:37
Lowton Road, Windsor Road17:38
Lowton Road, Golborne High School17:38
Lowton Road, Rothwell Gardens17:39
Ashton Road, May Street17:39
Wigan Road, Ashton Road17:39
Wigan Road, Windy Bank Farm17:40
Wigan Road, Balmer's Farm17:41
Aye Bridge Road, Aye Bridge Farm17:41
Warrington Road, Dover Lock17:42
Warrington Road, Park Lane17:43
Warrington Road, Abram Council Offices17:43
Warrington Road, Alexandra Street17:44
Warrington Road, Lee Lane17:44
Warrington Road, Simpkin Street17:45
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