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ARR Arriva Merseyside


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Prescot Road, Freckleton Road16:20
Prescot Road, No. 32416:20
Prescot Road, Margery Road16:21
Prescot Road, Regents Road16:22
Prescot Road, Grosvenor Road16:23
Dunriding Lane, Prescot Road16:23
Dunriding Lane, Moxon Street16:24
Dunriding Lane, Doulton Street16:24
Knowsley Road, Dunriding Lane16:25
Knowsley Road, Holme Road16:26
Millfields, The Avenue16:28
Church Lane, The Spires16:29
Chapel Lane, The Cloisters16:30
Millbrook Lane, Chapel Lane16:31
Millbrook Lane, Crocketts Walk16:31
Kiln Lane, Bleak Hill Road16:32
Kiln Lane, Brookside Avenue16:33
Kiln Lane, Coronation Road16:33
Kiln Lane, Hartington Road16:34
Kiln Lane, Rosebery Road 16:34
Greenfield Lane, Hammill Street16:35
Greenfield Road, Tennis Street16:36
Dentons Green Lane, Harris Street16:37
Dentons Green Lane, Ruskin Drive16:37
Dentons Green Lane, Swinburne Road16:38
Rainford Road, Dartmouth Drive16:40
Rainford Road, East Lancashire Road16:41
Rainford By Pass, Longwood Close16:44
Rainford By-Pass, St Helens Road16:46
Pasture Lane, Rainford By-pass16:48
Church Road, Wellfield 16:49
Church Road, Thickwood Moss Lane16:50
Church Road, Whalley Avenue16:52
Ormskirk Road, The Avenue16:52
Ormskirk Road, Alfred Street16:52
Ormskirk Road, Moss Brow16:53
Old Lane, Parklands16:53
Old Lane, Helen Bank Drive16:54
Old Lane, Hydes Brow16:54
Hydes Brow, Old Lane16:54
Hydes Brow, News Lane16:55
News Lane, Henderson Drive16:55
News Lane, Maggots Nook Road16:56
News Lane, Rainford Station16:58
News Lane, Bushey Lane16:59
Bushey Lane, Springfield17:00
Bushey Lane, Red Delph Lane17:01
Bushey Lane, Ormskirk Road17:03
Rainford Road, Bushey Lane17:03
Ormskirk Road, Red Delph Lane17:04
Ormskirk Road, Dairy Farm Road17:07
Ormskirk Road, Eden Avenue17:09
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