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Birchley Road, Trent Road08:10
Martindale Road, Birchley Road08:12
Broad Lane, Mosedale Avenue08:14
Moss Bank Road, Broad Lane08:15
Moss Bank Road, Manor House Close08:15
Moss Bank Road, Club Street08:16
Lorton Avenue, Moss Bank Road08:16
Lorton Avenue, Fell Grove08:17
Bassenthwaite Avenue, Lorton Avenue08:18
Windermere Avenue, Ennerdale Avenue08:19
Bowness Avenue, Windermere Avenue08:20
Bowness Avenue, Wasdale Avenue08:20
Bowness Avenue, Honister Avenue08:20
Kirkstone Avenue, Wythburn Crescent08:21
Carr Mill Road, Kirkstone Avenue08:22
Carr Mill Road, Garswoood Old Road08:22
Green Leach Lane, Derwent Road08:25
Haresfinch View, Green Leach Lane08:26
Woodlands Road, Islands Brow08:27
Woodlands Road, Woodlands Road08:28
Woodlands Road, Derwent Road08:28
Woodlands Road, Woodlands Road08:29
Woodlands Road, Laburnum Avenue08:30
Laffak Road, Woodlands Road08:31
Chain Lane, Paisley Avenue08:34
Blackbrook Road, MacDonald Avenue08:35
Blackbrook Road, O'Sullivan Crescent08:36
Blackbrook Road, Boardmans Lane08:37
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