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ARR Arriva Merseyside


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Lunts Heath Road, Birchfield Gardens07:45
Wilmere Lane, Valentine House07:46
Wilmere Lane, Wilmere House07:47
Warrington Road, Norlands Lane07:50
Warrington Road, School Lane07:50
Warrington Road, Coylton Avenue07:51
Warrington Road, Lawton Road07:52
Warrington Road, St James Road07:53
Warrington Road, Rainhill Rail Station07:54
Rainhill Road, Brandreth Close07:54
Rainhill Road, St Ann Place07:55
Rainhill Road, Stapleton Road07:55
Rainhill Road, Elton Head Road07:56
Rainhill Road, Wedgewood Gardens07:57
Nutgrove Road, Edge Street07:58
Nutgrove Road, Scholes Lane07:59
Thatto Heath Road, Thatto Heath Station08:00
Thatto Heath Road, Lacey Street08:00
Lugsmore Lane, Leslie Road08:01
Prescot Road, Regents Road08:03
Prescot Road, Grosvenor Road08:04
Dunriding Lane, Prescot Road08:05
Dunriding Lane, Moxon Street08:05
Dunriding Lane, Doulton Street08:06
Knowsley Road, Dunriding Lane08:07
Alder Hey Road, De La Salle School08:10
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