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OGD Ogdens
HUY Huyton Travel


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Dalehead Place, Loughrigg Avenue07:58-
Loughrigg Avenue, Ambleside Place07:58-
Bishop Road, Gamble Avenue-15:35
Bishop Road, Pine Avenue-15:36
Bishop Road, City Gardens-15:37
City Road, Rivington Avenue-15:37
City Road, Hard Lane-15:38
Scafell Road, The Brooks-15:41
Scaffell Road, Moss Bank Road-15:43
Windermere Avenue, Bowness Avenue07:59-
Windermere Avenue, Eskdale Avenue08:00-
Victoria Avenue, Bassenthwaite Avenue-15:44
Windermere Avenue, Buttermere Avenue08:01-
Bassenthwaite Avenue, Lorton Avenue-15:45
Bassenthwaite Avenue, Lorton Avenue08:01-
Windermere Avenue, Ennerdale Avenue-15:46
Scaffell Road, Victoria Avenue08:02-
Bowness Avenue, Windermere Avenue08:0315:47
Bowness Avenue, Wasdale Avenue08:0415:48
Scafell Road, The Brooks08:06-
Hard Lane, City Road08:09-
Bowness Avenue, Honister Avenue08:1015:48
Hard Lane, Princess Avenue08:10-
Kendal Drive, Hawes Avenue08:1115:49
Hard Lane, Cowley College 08:12-
Bowness Avenue, Eskdale Avenue08:1315:50
Gamble Avenue, Gamble Avenue08:1515:50
Loughrigg Avenue, Ambleside Place-15:52
Dalehead Place, Loughrigg Avenue-15:53