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ARR Arriva Merseyside
PB Peoples Bus
CB Cumfybus


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Seaforth Road, Seaforth Station07:56--
Seaforth Road, Lime Grove07:57--
Brownmoor Lane, Preston Way-15:0615:10
Brownmoor Lane, Eden Drive North-15:0615:11
Crescent Road, Woolfall Terrace07:58--
Sandy Road, Claremont Road08:00--
Brownmoor Lane, Nazeby Avenue-15:0715:12
Cambridge Road, Dewlands Road08:02--
Brownmoor Lane, Brownmoor Park-15:0815:12
Endbutt Lane, Strathmore Drive--15:14
Stuart Road, Derwent Road-15:08-
Crosby Road South, Marlborough Road08:03--
Stuart Road, Queensway-15:09-
Liverpool Road, Fairholme Road--15:15
Crosby Road North, Bramhall Road08:04--
Crosby Road North, Handfield Road08:06--
Liverpool Road, Myers Road West--15:16
Liverpool Road, Marldon Avenue--15:17
Crosby Road North, Sycamore Road08:07--
Stuart Road, Kingsway08:10--
Crosby Road North, Milton Road-15:1015:18
Crosby Road North, Galloway Road-15:1115:18
Stuart Road, Endbutt Lane08:10--
Crosby Road North, South Road-15:1215:19
Brownmoor Lane, Brownmoor Park08:12--
Brownmoor Lane, Sharples Crescent08:12--
Crosby Road South, Sandringham Road-15:1315:20
Brownmoor Lane, Windle Avenue08:13--
Cambridge Road, Dewlands Road-15:1515:22
Sandy Road, Sandown Road-15:1615:23
Brownmoor Lane, Chesterfield Road08:14--
Chesterfield Road, Lupton Drive08:16--
Ewart Road, Sandy Road-15:1815:25
Crescent Road, Elm Road-15:2115:28
Seaforth Road, Hawarden Grove-15:2315:30
Seaforth Road, Seaforth Station-15:2515:32
Church Road, Ash Road--15:32
Church Road, Wilsons Lane--15:33
Church Road, Springfield Avenue--15:34
Church Road, Kirkstone Road North--15:34
Church Road, Boundary Road--15:35
Dunnings Bridge Road, Boundary Road--15:35
Dunnings Bridge Road, Atlantic Park--15:36
Dunnings Bridge Road, Netherton Park--15:36
Dunnings Bridge Road, Park Lane West--15:37
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