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PB Peoples Bus
MC Maghull Coaches


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Newton Road, Main Street08:10-
Main Street, Newton Road08:10-
Brownmoor Lane, Preston Way-15:11
Main Street, School Brow08:11-
Brownmoor Lane, Eden Drive North-15:11
Main Street, Picadilly08:12-
Brownmoor Lane, Nazeby Avenue-15:12
Rainford Road, Beulah Avenue08:13-
Brownmoor Lane, Brownmoor Park-15:13
Rainford Road, Roby Well Way Hail and Ride08:14-
Stuart Road, Derwent Road-15:13
Red Cat Lane, Back Lane08:22-
Stuart Road, Queensway-15:14
Red Cat Lane, Higher Lane08:22-
Crosby Road North, Milton Road-15:15
Higher Lane, Mill Lane08:24-
Crosby Road North, Galloway Road-15:16
Crosby Road North, South Road-15:17
Higher Lane, Mill House Farm08:25-
Higher Lane, Dial House Wood08:25-
Crosby Road South, Sandringham Road-15:18
Cambridge Road, Dewlands Road-15:20
Higher Lane, Rookery Lane08:26-
Sandy Road, Sandown Road-15:21
Higher Lane, Eagle Cresent08:26-
Ewart Road, Sandy Road-15:23
Higher Lane, Lakeside Gardens08:27-
Crescent Road, Elm Road-15:26
Cross Pit Lane, Rainford Primary08:28-
Ormskirk Road, The Avenue08:28-
Seaforth Road, Hawarden Grove-15:28
Seaforth Road, Seaforth Station-15:30
Ormskirk Road, Alfred Street08:28-
Ormskirk Road, Moss Brow08:29-
Old Lane, Parklands08:29-
Old Lane, Helen Bank Drive08:29-
Old Lane, Hydes Brow08:30-
Higher Lane, Witton Way08:31-
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