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STA Stagecoach Merseyside


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Scaffell Road, Moss Bank Road08:00
Moss Bank Road, Kingsway08:01
Moss Bank Road, Lorton Avenue08:02
Moss Bank Road, Club Street08:03
Moss Bank Road, Manor House Close08:03
Dalehead Place, Loughrigg Avenue08:06
Loughrigg Avenue, Ambleside Place08:07
Bowness Avenue, Windermere Avenue08:08
Bowness Avenue, Wasdale Avenue08:09
Bowness Avenue, Honister Avenue08:09
Esthwaite Avenue, Esthwaite Avenue08:10
Carr Mill Road, Kirkstone Avenue08:12
Carr Mill Road, Kirkstone Avenue08:12
Martindale Road, Carr Mill Road08:13
Martindale Road, Broad Lane08:13
Birchley Road, Martindale Road08:15
Birchley Road, Trent Road08:17
Birchley Road, Holt Avenue08:17
Rainford Road, Roby Well Way Hail and Ride08:19
Red Cat Lane, Back Lane08:24
Red Cat Lane, Higher Lane08:26
Higher Lane, Mill Lane08:27
Higher Lane, Mill House Farm08:28
Higher Lane, Dial House Wood08:29
Higher Lane, Rookery Lane08:30
Higher Lane, Eagle Cresent08:30
Higher Lane, Lakeside Gardens08:31
Cross Pit Lane, Rainford Primary08:31
Ormskirk Road, The Avenue08:32
Ormskirk Road, Alfred Street08:32
Ormskirk Road, Moss Brow08:33
Old Lane, Parklands08:33
Old Lane, Helen Bank Drive08:33
Old Lane, Hydes Brow08:34
Higher Lane, Witton Way08:35