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ARR Arriva Merseyside
OGD Ogdens


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Liverpool South Parkway, Liverpool South Parkway08:00-
Woolton Road, Horrocks Avenue08:00-
Duke Street, Rigby Street-08:19
Church Road, Woolton Road08:00-
Denton Green Lane, Spray Street-08:21
Dentons Green Lane, Harris Street-08:22
Speke Road, Vineyard Street08:01-
Dentons Green Lane, Ruskin Drive-08:23
Speke Road, Blackburne Street08:02-
Dentons Green Lane, Swinburne Road-08:23
Speke Road, New Mersey Shopping Park08:03-
Rainford Road, Dartmouth Drive-08:25
Speke Road, New Mersey Retail Park08:04-
Estuary Boulevard, Estuary Banks08:06-
Rainford Road, East Lancashire Road-08:27
Estuary Banks, Leeward Drive08:06-
Rainford By Pass, Longwood Close-08:29
Speke Hall Avenue, Cartwrights Farm Road08:08-
Rainford By-Pass, St Helens Road-08:31
Speke Hall Avenue, Speke Church Road08:09-
Pasture Lane, Rainford By-pass-08:33
Church Road, Wellfield -08:34
Speke Hall Avenue, Dunlop Road08:10-
Central Avenue, Lovel Road08:14-
Church Road, Thickwood Moss Lane-08:35
Church Road, Whalley Avenue-08:36
Central Avenue, Conleach Road08:15-
Conleach Road, Conleach Road08:16-
Ormskirk Road, The Avenue-08:37
Wood Road, Wood Road08:29-
Ormskirk Road, Alfred Street-08:37
Ormskirk Road, Moss Brow-08:37
Old Lane, Helen Bank Drive-08:38
Old Lane, Hydes Brow-08:39
Higher Lane, Witton Way-08:40
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