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STA Stagecoach Merseyside


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Millwood Road, Stand 406:58
Millwood Road, All Hallows Drive06:59
Eastern Avenue, East Mill Wood Road06:59
Eastern Avenue, Alder Wood Avenue07:00
Central Way, Eastern Avenue07:01
Central Way, Oldbridge Road07:01
Central Way, Little Heath Road07:02
South Parade, Parade Crescent07:03
Central Avenue, Harefield Road07:03
Central Avenue, Lovel Road07:04
Western Avenue, Tewit Hall Road07:05
Western Avenue, Blackrod Avenue07:05
Western Avenue, Bray Road07:06
Speke Boulevard, Western Avenue07:07
Speke Boulevard, Woodend Lane07:07
Speke Boulevard, Longman Drive07:08
Speke Road, Speke Hall Avenue07:09
Speke Road, Estuary Boulevard07:11
Speke Road, New Mersey Shopping Park07:11
Speke Road, Banks Road07:12
Speke Road, Vineyard Street07:13
Speke Road, Church Road07:15
St Mary's Road, Church Road07:15
St Marys Road, Clifton Street07:15
St Marys Road, Whitehedge Road07:17
St Marys Road, Stop A07:17
St Marys Road, Fletcher Drive07:18
Aigburth Road, Beechwood Road07:19
Aigburth Road, Riversdale Road07:19
Aigburth Road, Stratford Road07:20
Aigburth Road, Stop A07:20
Aigburth Road, Brabant Road07:21
Aigburth Road, Jericho Lane07:23
Aigburth Road, Larkfield Road07:23
Aigburth Road, Fulwood Drive07:24
Aigburth Road, Stop D07:24
Aigburth Road, Errol Street07:25
Dingle Lane, Kinnaird Street07:26
Dingle Mount, Bosnia Street07:27
Mill Street, Elleray Drive07:27
Mill Street, Beresford Road07:28
Mill Street, Harlow Street07:28
Mill Street, Park Street07:29
Warwick Street, Hyslop Street07:30
Park Place, Hill Street07:31
St James Place, Stanhope Street07:31
Wapping, Queens Wharf07:33
Wapping, Gower Street07:34
The Goree, Mann Island07:36
Bath Street, Gibraltar row07:37
Waterloo Road, Galton Street07:38
Waterloo Road, Vandries Street07:38
Regent Road, Dublin Street07:39
Regent Road, Wellington Dock07:40
Derby Road, Millers Bridge07:44
Derby Road, Grimshaw Street07:45
Rimrose Road, Strand Road07:46
Rimrose Road, Vulcan Street07:46
Rimrose Road, Peel Road07:48
Crosby Road South, Seaforth Road07:48
Crosby Road South, Port of Liverpool07:50
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