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STA Stagecoach Merseyside


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Simonswood Lane, Brook Hey Drive06:57
Gilescroft Avenue, Jarrett Road06:58
Bigdale Drive, Quernmore Road06:58
Bigdale Drive, Sanderling Road06:59
Old Rough Lane, Briery Hey Avenue07:00
Hall Lane, County Road07:00
Hall Lane, Old Hall Lane07:01
Kirkby Row, James Holt Avenue07:02
Kirkby Row, Kirkby Station07:03
Whitefield Drive, Alvanley Road07:04
Whitefield Drive, Mercer Avenue07:04
Whitefield Drive, Fernhurst Road07:05
Whitefield Drive, James Holt Avenue07:06
Valley Road, Burtons Way07:07
Valley Road, Field Lane07:09
Longmoor Lane, Edgemoor Drive07:09
Longmoor Lane, Formosa Drive07:10
Longmoor Lane, Swainson Road07:10
Longmoor Lane, Longmoor Close07:11
Longmoor Lane, Fazakerley Station07:12
Longmoor Lane, Seventh Avenue07:12
Longmoor Lane, Higher Lane07:13
Longmoor Lane, Bradville Road07:14
Longmoor Lane, Goodacre Road07:15
Longmoor Lane, Solar Road07:16
Walton Vale, Grace Road07:16
Walton Vale, Orrell Park Station07:16
Rice Lane, Rice Lane Station07:17
Rice Lane, Fazakerley Road07:18
Rice Lane, Cavendish Drive07:19
Rice Lane, Denbigh Road07:20
Breeze Hill, Astor Street07:20
Breeze Hill, Hill Crest07:21
Brewster Street, Roxburgh Street07:22
Selwyn Street, Kirkdale Station07:23
Melrose Road, Suffield Road07:23
Melrose Road, St Agnes Road07:24
Commercial Road, Crocus Street07:25
Sandhills Lane, Sandhills Station07:27
Derby Road, Juniper Street07:28
Derby Road, Bankfield Street07:28
Derby Road, Lodwick Street07:29
Derby Road, Millers Bridge07:30
Derby Road, Grimshaw Street07:30
Rimrose Road, Strand Road07:31
Rimrose Road, Vulcan Street07:31
Rimrose Road, Peel Road07:33
Crosby Road South, Seaforth Road07:33
Crosby Road South, Port of Liverpool07:35
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