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ARR Arriva Merseyside


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Stretton Way, Wilson Road05:5006:50
Wilson Road, Link Road05:5106:51
Wilson Road, Huyton Trade Centre05:5106:51
Wilson Road, St Johns Road05:5306:53
Huyton Bus Station/Stand 505:5506:55
Hall Lane, School Lane05:5606:56
Hall Lane, Poplar Way05:5706:57
The Crescent, Longview Drive05:5706:57
Longview Drive, Hardie Road05:5806:58
Longview Drive, Hurst Park Drive05:5806:58
Longview Drive, Edenfield Crescent05:5906:59
Longview Lane, Wellcroft Road06:0007:00
Liverpool Road, Hillside Road06:0107:01
Liverpool Road, Lyme Cross Road06:0207:02
Knowsley Lane, Radway Road06:0307:03
Knowsley Lane, No. 16906:0407:04
Knowsley Lane, Primrose Drive06:0507:05
Knowsley Lane, Newark Close06:0507:05
Knowsley Lane, Park Way06:0607:06
Knowsley Lane, Nursery Farm06:0707:07
Knowsley Lane, Knowlsey Road Farm06:0807:08
Knowsley Lane, Croxteth Lane06:0807:08
Knowsley Lane, Shannons Lane06:0907:09
Knowsley Lane, Home Farm Lane06:1007:10
Knowsley Lane, Pinfold Lane06:1107:11
Knowsley Lane, Shop Road06:1207:12
School Lane, Knowsley Lane06:1307:13
Kitling Road, Kitling Road06:1407:14
Ormskirk Road, East Lancashire Road06:1507:15
Coopers Lane, East Lancashire Road06:1507:15
Hornhouse Lane, QVC06:1707:17
South Boundary Road, Admin Road06:1907:19
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