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Terminus Road, Stockbridge Lane05:2006:2007:2008:20
Princess Drive, Liverpool Road05:2006:2007:2008:20
Princess Drive, Lordens Road05:2106:2107:2108:21
Princess Drive, Burtree Road05:2206:2207:2208:22
Princess Drive, Finch Road05:2306:2307:2308:23
Princess Drive, Yew Tree Lane05:2406:2407:2408:24
Princess Drive, Yew Tree Lane05:2506:2507:2508:25
Princess Drive, Aspes Road05:2506:2507:2508:25
Princess Drive, Deysbrook Lane05:2606:2607:2608:26
Croxteth Hall Lane, Mace Road05:2706:2707:2708:27
Altcross Road, Standard Road05:2806:2807:2808:28
Altcross Road, Unicorn Road05:2806:2807:2808:28
Altcross Road, Cubert Road05:2906:2907:2908:29
Middle Way, Mullion Road05:2906:2907:2908:29
Middle Way, Newlyn Road05:3006:3007:3008:30
Willow Way, Petherick Road05:3106:3107:3108:31
East Lancashire Road, M5705:3206:3207:3208:32
Moorgate Road North, Old Farm Road05:3406:3407:3408:34
Moorgate Road North, Bewley Drive05:3406:3407:3408:34
Moorgate Road North, Shaldon Close05:3506:3507:3508:35
Moorgate Road North, Lindby Close05:3506:3507:3508:35
Lees Road, County Road05:3606:3607:3608:36
Charley Wood Road, Lees Road05:3706:3707:3708:37
Webber Road, Charley Wood Road05:3706:3707:3708:37
Birchill Road, Newstet Road05:3906:3907:3908:39
Hammond Road, Ashcroft Road05:4006:4007:4008:40
Acornfield Road, Moss End Way05:4106:4107:4108:41
Acornfield Road, Ashcroft Road05:4106:4107:4108:41
Acornfield Road, Ashcroft Road05:4206:4207:4208:42
Acornfield Road, Kirkby Bank Road05:4206:4207:4208:42
Acornfield Road, Charley Wood Road05:4306:4307:4308:43
Gale Road, Admin Road05:4406:4407:4408:44
South Boundary Road, Spinney Road05:4506:4507:4508:45
Coopers Lane, East Lancashire Road05:4606:4607:4608:46
Ormskirk Road, East Lancashire Road05:4606:4607:4608:46
Knowsley Lane, Ormskirk Road05:4706:4707:4708:47
School Lane, Knowsley Lane05:4806:4807:4808:48
School Lane, Caddick Road05:5006:5007:5008:50
School Lane, Gellings Road05:5106:5107:5108:51
Callestock Close, Willow Way05:5606:5607:5608:56
Middle Way, Tintagel Road05:5706:5707:5708:57
Middle Way, Trispen Road05:5706:5707:5708:57
Altcross Road, Cubert Road05:5806:5807:5808:58
Altcross Road, Sceptre Road05:5806:5807:5808:58
Stonebridge Lane, Altcross Road06:0007:0008:0009:00
Croxteth Hall Lane, Mace Road06:0007:0008:0009:00
Oak Lane North, Croxteth Hall Lane06:0207:0208:0209:02
Oak Lane North, Abbeyfield Drive06:0207:0208:0209:02
Oak Lane North, Fir Tree Drive South06:0307:0308:0309:03
Oak Lane North, Croxteth Hall Lane06:0307:0308:0309:03
Princess Drive, Deysbrook Lane06:0707:0708:0709:07
Princess Drive, Colden Close06:0807:0808:0809:08
Princess Drive, Mab Lane06:0807:0808:0809:08
Princess Drive, Mab Lane06:0907:0908:0909:09
Princess Drive, Snowberry Road06:0907:0908:0909:09
Princess Drive, Colwell Road06:1007:1008:1009:10
Princess Drive, Saxby Road06:1107:1108:1109:11
Princess Drive, Lordens Road06:1107:1108:1109:11
Princess Drive, Stockbridge Lane06:1207:1208:1209:12
Heath Road, Stockbridge Lane06:1307:1308:1309:13
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