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ARR Arriva Merseyside


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Bickerstaffe Street, Bickerstaffe Street05:0021:00
Bridge Street, Exchange Street05:0121:01
Westfield Street, Linkway West05:0221:02
Borough Road, The Shires 05:0321:02
Borough Road, Prescot Road05:0321:03
Prescot Road, Dunriding Lane05:0421:04
Prescot Road, Roby Street05:0521:05
Thatto Heath Road, Whittle Street05:0621:05
Thatto Heath Road, Lacey Street05:0721:06
Thatto Heath Road, Elephant Lane05:0721:06
Elephant Lane, Balmer Street05:0821:07
Elephant Lane, Dorothy Street05:0821:07
Elephant Lane, Queensland Avenue05:0821:07
Elephant Lane, Manley Place05:0921:08
Sutton Heath Road, Basildon Close05:0921:08
Sutton Heath Road, The Broads05:1021:08
Lowfield Lane, Marleybone Avenue05:1121:09
Lowfield Lane, Mere Grange05:1121:10
Lowfield Lane, Lea Green Road05:1221:10
Lea Green Road, Eurolink05:1321:11
Lea Green Road, St Michaels Road05:1421:12
Forest Road, Walkers Lane05:1521:13
Forest Road, Rothbury Court05:1621:13
Jubits Lane, Forest Road05:1621:14
Jubits Lane, Chandlers Way05:1721:14
Gartons Lane, Jubits Lane05:1721:15
Gartons Lane, Cannon Street05:1821:15
Gartons Lane, Pendlebury Street05:1821:16
Clock Face Road, Gartons Lane05:2021:17
Clockface Road, Leach Lane05:2021:17
Leach Lane, Ilfracombe road05:2021:17
Leach Lane, Ilfracombe Road05:2121:18
Leach Lane, Wheatsheaf Avenue05:2121:18
Leach Lane, Wheatsheaf Avenue05:2221:19
Reginald Road, Brindley Road05:2321:20
Helena Road, Eliza Street05:2421:21
Station Road, Peckers Hill Road05:2521:22
Peckers Hill Road, Robins Lane05:2521:22
Hoghton Road, Carnegie Crescent05:2621:23
Watery Lane, Rolling Mill Lane05:2621:23
Watery Lane, Berrys Lane05:2721:24
Berrys Lane, Meadow Lane05:2721:24
Concourse Way, Berrys Lane05:2821:25
Fleet Lane, Downway Lane05:2921:26
Fleet Lane, Derbyshire Hill Road05:3021:27
Derbyshire Hill Road, Swan Avenue05:3021:27
Deryshire Hill Road, Provident Street05:3121:28
Broad Oak Road, Mendip Grove05:3221:29
Broad Oak Road, Nicholson Street05:3321:30
Chancery Lane, Boardmans Lane05:3321:30
Parr Stocks Road, Gaskell Street05:3421:31
Parr Stocks Road, Ramford Street05:3521:32
Parr Stocks Road, Sorogold Street05:3521:32
Park Road, Pocket Nook Street05:3621:33
Park Road, Merton Bank Road05:3721:34
Park Road, Mulcrow Close05:3721:34
Park Road, Blackbrook Road05:3821:35
Blackbrook Road, Link Avenue05:3921:36
Blackbrook Road, Chain Lane05:3921:36
Blackbrook Road, O' Sullivan Crescent05:4021:37
West End Road, Waine Street05:4021:37
West End Road, Old Whint Road05:4121:38
West End Road, Sumner Street05:4121:38
Clipsley Lane, West End Road05:4221:39
Clipsley Lane, Grosvenor Road05:4221:39
Clipsley Lane, Squires Close05:4321:40
Clipsley Lane, Grange Valley05:4321:40
Church Road, Halton Street05:4421:41
Church Road, North Street05:4421:41
Piele Road, Birch Road05:4521:42
Piele Road, Bluebell Avenue05:4521:42
Millfield Lane, Piele Road05:4721:44
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