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WOB Warrington's Own Buses


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Liverpool Road, Hough Green Station07:45
Liverpool Road, Sunningdale07:45
Liverpool Road, Royal Avenue07:46
Liverpool Road, Bankfield School07:47
B5178 Liverpool Road, Chesnut Lodge07:48
Liverpool Road, Ball O Ditton07:49
Liverpool Road, Widnes Rec.07:50
Leigh Avenue, The Albion07:53
Leigh Avenue, Leigh Avenue07:55
Birchfield Road, Horse & Jockey07:57
Birchfield Road, Wade Deacon08:00
Birchfield Road, Birchfield Road08:00
Birchfield Road, Widnes Station08:00
Birchfield Road, Pit Lane08:01
Birchfield Road, Buckingham Avenue08:02
Lunnts Heath Road, The Globe08:02
Lunts Heath Road, Cranshaw Lane08:03
Lunnts Heath Road, Church View08:04
Lunts Heath Road, Glebe Garage08:05
Warrington Road, Clockface Road08:10
Warrington Road, Sandy Lane08:12
Warrington Road, Park View Cottages08:14
Liverpool Road, Dawson House08:15
Lingley Road, Park Road08:16
Lingley Road, Butchers Arms08:16
Liverpool Road, Police Station08:17
St Mary's Road, The Dale08:18
Greystone Road, Honiton Way Shops08:19
Greystone Road, Greystone Park08:20
Warrington Road, Greystone Road08:20
Warrington Road, Coronation Drive08:21
Warrington Road, Heath Road08:22
Penketh Road, Brookside Avenue08:23
Liverpool Road, Penketh Lane Ends08:25
Liverpool Road, Georges Road08:25
Liverpool Road, Kent Road08:26
Liverpool Road, Sankey Bridges08:27
Old Liverpool Road, Gatewarth Street08:28
Liverpool Road, Coach & Horses08:29
Liverpool Road, Pickmere Street08:30
Liverpool Road, Crosfields08:33
Parker Street, Thynne Street08:34
Wilson Patten Street, Arpley Street08:35
Slutchers Lane, Railway Bridge08:35
Slutchers Lane, Centre Park08:36
Centre Park Square, Centre Park Square08:36
Park Boulevard, Centre Park08:37
Wilderspool Causeway, St James' Court08:38
Wilderspool Causeway, Central Avenue08:39
Wilderspool Causeway, Causeway Hotel08:40