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If you don't have a pre-paid tolls account and need to make a journey through the tunnel, please be aware that we do not provide change. Please use the AUTO lanes to pay with the correct change or by contactless.

Have you moved to T-FLOW yet? 


Soon your Fast Tag will become obsolete and will no longer work. You can change your account to a T-FLOW account here.  

 It’s easy – just log onto your account and enter your car registration, then within 30 minutes you can travel through the tunnels as usual. 

 All we ask is that you return your old Fast Tag to us so we can dispose of it securely and in an environmentally responsible way. Just hand your old tag in at the toll booth next time you travel through Mersey Tunnels and we will do the rest.   

 Find out more about T-FLOW here.

 If you need any help you can email our T-FLOW Team or call our Contact Centre Team on 0151 330 1004.

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